Premier League Parachute Payments: Updated

I originally covered the intent and mechanism of the parachute payments here. I have updated the payment amounts to incorporate the new amounts from the May 2010 agreement and made it easier to see the yearly breakdown.

So…the Premier League parachute payment schedule for the 2011-12 season:

Premier League Parachute Payments: Updated

2 thoughts on “Premier League Parachute Payments: Updated

  1. […] Wigan are a remarkable club whose pluckiness on the pitch has not yet translated into economic success. The club remain dependent on their Premier League status and, ultimately, the benevolence of owner Dave Whelan. With their recent win over Blackburn, Wigan have secured their top flight spot for another year but doubts about their survival are sure to crop up again. If the Latics were to be relegated next year the squad would likely have to be dismantled to avoid a £30m hole in annual finances. This would be in spite of the guaranteed £48m over four years from parachute payments. […]

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