The Soccer CEO is a blog about the business of global soccer, covering everything from player transfers and sponsorships to broadcast rights and Financial Fair Play.  The business and the sport are inextricably linked for better or worse and any impact in one hemisphere resonates in the other.

We hope to help supporters understand the issues affecting the clubs they love and make sense of the happenings in the business world through a combination of curated news articles, event commentary and business analysis.

the author

Derlen has used spreadsheets for many years in the finance and tech industries; he also holds some pieces of paper having something to do with business.  Many years ago he inexplicably started watching soccer at 7.45 in the morning and has been doing it ever since. He frequents the pitches of Brooklyn and has been called  ‘Ji-Sung Park without the technique’ on multiple occasions.


footyfinance [at] gmail [dot] com  or @TheSoccerCEO


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