MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement: Preview

Just a quick look at the agreement signed between Major League Soccer and the players.  The league and the players agreed a new 5-year contract only hours before the kick-off of the new season.  Key concessions won by the players included guaranteed contracts for a majority of players and increased rights for players out of contract.  There was no increase in the salary cap for teams from the $2.3m set several years ago.

Interesting player figures came out as well.  323 players were paid an average of $147,945 (median $88,000) last season.

Some quick maths then tells us that the entire player wage budget for the MLS stands at around $47.8m a year (~£31.8m at current rates)

….or (roughly) the combined wages of John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Emmanuel Adebayor, and Cristiano Ronaldo.




Let’s all think about that for a while.

MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement: Preview

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