Administration Watch: Pompey Not the Last

Avram Grant was recently quoted on the topic of Portsmouth’s troubles and administration in the Premier League:

“It will not be the last time,” Grant said. “There are other teams in debt. What will they do with them?

“The Premier League need to check their rules about who can buy a football club, because sometimes when you point the finger at someone else, you need to ask what did you did wrong.”

He may be more correct than he knows.  Several clubs look to be in the danger zone, and that financial instability will be doubly compounded should they be relegated.

Those with the best chances of getting hit by the double whammy?  Burnley, Hull, and Wigan. (West Ham has been excluded because their new owners seem to be minted).

Those who look to have staved off relegation this year, but could still use some financial sorting?  Bolton and Blackburn.

Administration Watch: Pompey Not the Last

One thought on “Administration Watch: Pompey Not the Last

  1. clarethomer says:

    Burnley in Financial trouble if they get relegated? Get real.

    We are externally debt free as a club and we are looking like making a profit this season.

    We have not overspent this season or bought players demanding long contracts and massive wages (well massive for premier league standards).

    We have a load of players coming out of contract at the end of the season so again, we have a great opportunity to ensure we are financially fit for many years to come.

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