Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 8

An overview of the best passers in the Premier League for Gameweek 8.

The quick summary and random facts for this week:

  • Chelsea continue their domination of the chart with Blues players inhabiting 5 of the 10 spot
  • Arsenal claim the next most spots with 2 players.
  • In addition to being #2 in accuracy rate John Obi Mikel holds the most total passes in the league of 579.
  • The current positional break down is 6 midfielders, 3 defenders, and 1 forward.

Results for previous weeks here.

The Pazzy (Worst Passer in the League)

Kevin Davies crown goes unchallenged for another week:

Kevin Davies (Bolton) 326 passes – 51.5% accuracy

Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 8

Who is the Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 3

Last time I focused on the match-up history statistic and why it is akin to a pacifier for commentators.  Today I have a stat for you which is certainly not meaningless and which should be quoted more often in the community: Passing Accuracy.  In fact it is probably one of the most important meter sticks with which to judge individual performance and skill.  Completed Passes are the passes initiated by a player which find their way to a teammate.  Passing Accuracy is the percentage representation of completed passes divided by total passes.

What does Passing Accuracy (PA) tell us about a player?  The simple answer is that PA tells us how skilled a player is at retaining possession for the team during passing.  But PA also reveals information about the player’s Decision Making, Composure, Positioning, and Technical Ability, all different skills which contribute to making a successful pass.

Who are the best passers in the league as of Game 3?  Players were broken down by role and only players with 100+ passes were included. Continue reading “Who is the Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 3”

Who is the Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 3