Which Company is Manchester United Most Like…?

Culture matters, in business and in sport.  The set of principles which guide the employees, managers and shareholders of a business are what produces results and culture plays a similar role at soccer clubs.  Both clubs and corporations are organizations focused on accomplishing a set of goals, it follows that there are parallels in organizational style.  Read on for the long lost corporate twins of your favorite clubs.

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Manchester United

So which company is paired with Manchester United, the greatest English club of the past twenty years?  Only one headed by a visionary leader and which is the undisputed king of its industry will do and it must be Apple.

As a child is to a parent, Apple is to Jobs.  It was his creation and his company to save when it went astray.  Thinking of Apple apart from Jobs is to ignore that his psychological DNA is at its core of its structure.  Likewise you cannot distinguish between Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson.  Continue reading “Which Company is Manchester United Most Like…?”

Which Company is Manchester United Most Like…?