Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 8

An overview of the best passers in the Premier League for Gameweek 8.

The quick summary and random facts for this week:

  • Chelsea continue their domination of the chart with Blues players inhabiting 5 of the 10 spot
  • Arsenal claim the next most spots with 2 players.
  • In addition to being #2 in accuracy rate John Obi Mikel holds the most total passes in the league of 579.
  • The current positional break down is 6 midfielders, 3 defenders, and 1 forward.

Results for previous weeks here.

The Pazzy (Worst Passer in the League)

Kevin Davies crown goes unchallenged for another week:

Kevin Davies (Bolton) 326 passes – 51.5% accuracy

Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 8