Why You Shouldn’t Take The Forbes Soccer Valuations Seriously

The 2012 edition of the Forbes Soccer Club Valuations are out. You may recall that I am not a huge fan of them so I thought I’d take a post to cover more in depth why I am incredibly dismissive of this annual list.

Forbes Rankings

Forbes does a number of lists which rank various aspects of the financial world, from the richest people in the world to the most valuable companies, this includes soccer clubs. To do this the magazine throws available financial data, its own research, and some expert opinions into a black box shakes it around and out come values for clubs. Simple enough right? When you look at the ranking the list is populated with familiar names and the order looks about right:

Forbes 20 Most Valuable Soccer Clubs - 2012

Wikipedia has a good compilation of the rest of the Forbes Soccer Club Valuations since 2007. So what’s the problem? Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Take The Forbes Soccer Valuations Seriously”

Why You Shouldn’t Take The Forbes Soccer Valuations Seriously

The Month in Soccer Business: September 2011

A (now) monthly compilation of interesting business news related to soccer.

Eto’o Lands Where Few Would Expect — in Dagestan – August 30th

His will surely be the most surreal transfer of the summer.

Arguably Africa’s finest soccer export, with an Olympian turn of pace and a rapid eye for goals, he had some choice — but not a lot — in his latest move.

It takes him from Inter Milan to Anzhi Makhachkala.

Full Article >> NYTimes

Premier League clubs spend biggest in the transfer window – September 1st

As the dust settles on the registration papers lodged with national associations Continue reading “The Month in Soccer Business: September 2011”

The Month in Soccer Business: September 2011

Italian Match Fixing Scandal Could Claim Inter

The stink from the 2006 Serie A match fixing scandal still lingers in the air of Italian football.  The New York Times reports that new evidence produced in a case against Juventus’ former GM Luciano Moggi could implicate Inter in the scandal and fuel calls for Inter to be stripped of the title retroactively.  However, it is unlikely that any charges lodged against the club would affect this season’s point tally.

While the Italian scandal may be old news, corruption is not and is unlikely to diminish given the large amount of money flowing into the game. It was only this year that Chelsea were served a ban for improper player transfer practices, suspicious dealings at Portsmouth came to light, and UEFA announced that they were investigating match fixing in Eastern Europe.  As the sport expands to more regions the biggest job to come is ensuring that its quality is maintained.

Italian Match Fixing Scandal Could Claim Inter