Bye Bye to Clube Dos 13

Adam Fraser has a great piece in today’s Football365 about the disintegration of Clube dos 13 in Brazil.  What does it all mean and why should England pay attention? An excerpt:

In his last Winners and Losers column of the season, Pete Gill speculated about the amount of money Manchester United could pull in if they took a similar approach to the one that exists in Spain, and that Corinthians and their fellows have now decided to follow. Make no mistake, it’s come up in the Old Trafford boardroom – and been used as a threat in Premier League meetings – often enough. Liverpool could also net themselves a pretty packet, while Arsenal’s new owner, Stan Kroenke, has had success screening the games played by his Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids and Colorado Avalanche on his own Altitude Sports & Entertainment network, and might well fancy his chances of a similar set-up at his new franchise. The rest – and I’m sorry if you, like me, support one of the rest – would be in big trouble.

Read it all here and follow Adam on Twitter here.

Bye Bye to Clube Dos 13

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