Who is the Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 7

An overview of the best passers in the Premier League for Gameweek 7.  Chelsea continue their domination of the chart.

Results for previous weeks here.

The Pazzy (Worst Passer in the League)

Titus Bramble’s reign as worst passer in the league lasts only one week and Kevin Davies retakes the cup:

Kevin Davies (Bolton) 277 passes – 50.2% accuracy

Who is the Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 7

3 thoughts on “Who is the Best Passer in the Premier League? – Game 7

  1. How do you judge “best passer” Lots of little sideways passes with a high completion does not make you a better passer than someone who tries defence splitting passes and sometimes succeds

  2. The type of passes a player attempts is important in determining his contribution to team performance, but unfortunately the stats to analyze a player based on the type of passes attempted, key passes, etc just don’t exist. Given this we can only rate individual performance and completion rate is one of the key indicators to watch.

    Some players may have inflated accuracy rates because they play safe, easy passes on average, but if you go down the list of the elite passers many of them fill offensive roles. This suggests that ‘safe’ passes and attacking passes require similar if not equal levels of skill to complete, otherwise the list would be heavily skewed toward defenders.

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