A Solution For Sugar Daddy Sponsorhip

There is a wonderfully entertaining column at Football365 in which Alan Tyler proposes a solution to the unbalancing influence of sugar daddies in English Football.

Basically, City et al are ruining it for the rest. So would UEFA a) enforce their threats in such a situation or b) impose some other less serious sanction, vacillate, get involved in a legal battle and then let them off quietly. We have our suspicions.

Anyway, we have a much better solution than that. A Big Brother Scheme. Everyone is obviously happy for City that they have a rich daddy, but it has unlevelled the playing field big style. So we propose that the wealth of the likes of die-hard Blue Sheikh Mansour should be distributued around more fairly.

I highly recommend you give it a read here.

Would Alan Tyler’s scheme of redistribution ever be implemented?  Not in a million years.  Would it make for an extremely entertaining league? Absolutely!

A Solution For Sugar Daddy Sponsorhip

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