This is Zlatan’s Wages, Can You Beat Them?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is on his way to Italian giants AC Milan.  After a successful year at Barcelona in which he scored crucial goals to keep the title in Catalonia his €24 million  price tag is unsurprising.  Ibrahimovic rejected a move to Manchester City, stating that he did not believe the club capable of winning the titles he craved.  The Swede was reportedly offered wages of £500,000 pounds ($772,350) a week to tempt him into a move to the ambitious North England outfit.  Read it again.

£500,000 pounds a week.

That would probably be enough to pay the entire first team wages of quite a few clubs, maybe even one or two currently in the Premier League.  Had Zlatan accepted Man City’s bid it would have instantly made him the highest paid footballer in the world, eclipsing even Cristiano Ronaldo who earns a comparatively piddling £228,750 pounds ($353,350) a week .

It is nice to see that getting-paid-a-silly-amount-of-money is still less important than getting-paid-a-slightly-less-silly-amount-of-money and winning trophies.

An appropriate clip from Joga TV for you.

This is Zlatan’s Wages, Can You Beat Them?

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