The Numbers: 8,079,000,000



The number today is R8,079,000,000.  This represents the estimated final cost of construction of the 2010 World Cup venues in South Africa.  This is approximately $1.059 billion dollars and £700.8 million pounds at current exchange rates.

There are 10 stadiums spread around the country with 2 located in Johannesburg and 1 in each of Cape Town, Durban, Nelson Mandela Bay – Port Elizabeth, Mbombela – Nelspruit, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg and Pretoria.  4 of the stadiums were upgrades of existing structures and 6 were constructed from scratch.

More interesting numbers:

  • Average cost per new stadium, $132.1 million (£87.4 million)
  • $21.48 (£14.21) per South African spent on stadiums for the entire period.
  • South Africa’s 2009 estimated nominal  GDP was $277.4 billion, the total stadium expenditure is 0.38% of that figure.  Adjusted annually preparation of stadiums for the World Cup contributed 0.19% of annual South African GDP between 2007-2009.
  • 577,700 seats created or refurbished
  • $1,833.82 (£1,213.17)  average cost of construction per seat
The Numbers: 8,079,000,000

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