Kroenke at the limit

Stan Kroenke

Stan Kroenke purchased another 25 shares in Arsenal and now holds about 29.9 percent ownership of the club. The shares were reported to have cost £8,500 each.

This most recent purchase puts Kroenke just 17 shares shy of the 30 percent ownership level, which would trigger a mandatory takeover bid.

Seems to me that he is getting as close as he can without having to launch the whole bid, as that would be a sizeable chunk of money he would have to raise. I still think it is a good purchase and makes sense for either buyer at this price.

Kroenke at the limit

One thought on “Kroenke at the limit

  1. […] As last reported, Kroenke was a mere 17 shares away from the 30% level in December, this latest addition brings him within 10 shares.  Should he reach 30% ownership he will be required to make a bid for all remaining shares of the club.  Meanwhile, the other main figure in the battle for ownership of the Arse, Alisher Usmanov has not reported an increase in his stake for several months. […]

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